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Call for Applicants: Co-Editors-in-Chief

Soliloquies Anthology is seeking co-editors-in-chief for the 2022-2023 academic year! Working together, the two co-editors are responsible for managing all aspects of the literary journal, including: hiring and supervising content and media editors, event planning, publishing one journal per semester and the logistics of publication, budgeting, promotion, and website content.

Applicants must be undergraduate students at Concordia. Studying at least one subject within the English department is desired, but not mandatory. If you are an English student, interest in running for CASE as the VP of Publications, to manage the budget and internal communication, is also desired.

Canlit has historically upheld systems of white supremacy, sexism, homophobia and bigotry, and Soliloquies Anthology as an extension of that community has a duty to dismantle and challenge those systems. We at Soliloquies are committed to uplifting the voices of those who have been, and continue to be, systemically excluded. That commitment must begin with our own staff. For that reason, priority will be given to applicants who are traditionally underrepresented/marginalized, including applicants who are Indigenous, Black, racialized, Disabled, 2SLGBTQQIPAA+, and/or are otherwise affected by structural inequality, such as immigrants, survivors of assault, and anyone subject to marginalization due to class, age, and/or current or former incarceration. We encourage you to share with us as much as you would like to in your cover letter, knowing this information will be held in confidence and will be used solely to help us uphold our mandate.

The qualities we are looking for include, but are not limited to:

  • A strong command of the English language and literary genres, especially contemporary writing.

  • Previous editing experience in areas of poetry, prose, creative nonfiction, book and event reviews, social media promos, and/or opinion pieces.

  • Knowledge of a variety of Montreal literary communities and events, and a willingness to create connections with(in) them.

  • Ability to organize and lead a group of about ten people. Must be organized and self-motivated, since the editors-in-chief are responsible for guiding the rest of the masthead.

  • Ability to collaborate with others. You will be sharing your position with another person, so conflict resolution and communication are necessary skills.

  • Able to work within a fast-paced environment, and able to adapt to new developments (i.e., deadlines, working around changing circumstances, publication errors, etc.). A flexible school/work schedule is recommended.

  • Event planning experience and interesting ideas for engaging Concordia students and the outside community.

  • Previous budgeting experience, or aptitude for numbers, is a bonus.

Some responsibility for this position will begin in April, like hiring the rest of the masthead, but those hours will be flexible. By September, the position will require about 10 hours per week, ranging around the publication deadlines. The deadline to apply for co-editor-in-chief is February 26th at 11:59 p.m. EST. Please forward a CV, cover letter, and any further questions to Please note that these are volunteer positions. All meetings and operations, as well as interviews, will be held completely online until further notice.

Interested in joining Soliloquies but not ready to take over as editor-in-chief? Stay tuned for our call for editors in the coming months!


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