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Spotlight on Oprah Lemorin and An Excerpt from 'Just Having Fun'

Oprah Lemorin is a Montreal based theatre artist, writer and the co-creator of Overy Productions, a theatre company that focuses on telling rich, and refreshing feminist, stigma-crushing stories. Oprah, who calls herself a Pop-Theatre princess, says she’s “still a little intimidated by writing” yet she’s already produced two full length original plays (Spark! and Messy Blueprints to Sexual Freedom, co-written with Avery Reid). She brings a light- hearted, vulnerable, and incredibly human feel to everything she writes and is a Pop-Theatre Princess to watch out for.

We are excited to introduce Oprah as a featured writer doing a take-over to celebrate Black History Month. Here, you can read an excerpt from Just Having Fun, a play currently still in development.

Just Having Fun

By Oprah Lemorin


The ambiance is nice. Sergio Mendes’ & Brasil 66’ “Mas Que Nada” is playing on loop in the background. In the middle of the stage is a fancy round table with a fancy cloth on it, with 2 fancy chairs on each side. The mood is Tiger Orange. Spicy, but Mellow.

Anything can happen.

W walks in, dressed in the most polished uniform. They bring in 2 sets of silverware and plates and glasses on a rolling cart. They take their time to meticulously set the table. They go backstage, and come back with lights and fake plants. They decorate the scene. Once they’re done, they take a step back to contemplate their work. Pause. They are satisfied. They leave the stage.

A moment passes.

C walks in looking gorgeous. Applauses happen and abruptly stop. The music slows down. C is dressed to the nines, They. Are. Glowing. They strut slowly to their seat. W is not far behind them. W takes C’s coat and pulls out the chair for them. C sits. The music resumes speed. W excuses themselves and leaves the stage.

C takes in the scenery. They bop a little to the background music. W walks in with a basket full of bread and water. They put the basket at the Center of the table, fill C’s glass and exits.

C starts to fix themselves in order to look nice for their date.

Speaking of the devil, Here comes C’s date, Z looking gorgeous as well, dressed to the nines as well, They. Are. Glowing. As well. They just don’t make a show of it.

Z sneaks behind C and puts their pinky in C’s ear. The music stops.

C (alarmed): What the fuck! Why would you do that?

Z: Why not? Now you’ll remember me.


Z: really shouldn’t do that to people you don’t know like that.

Z: You’re right, I apologize. (Z leaves the stage, C turns back around on their chair. The music Resumes)

Z comes back on stage almost immediately and sneaks up behind C and taps their shoulder. C turns around.

C (pleased): Oh hey!

Z: Hello! Hug or high five?

C: Chest Bump! (C gets up and chest bumps Z. Then they sit at the table.)

Z: You smell amazing!

C: Oh wow, I forgot to smell you. (C gets up, goes around the table and sniffs Z.) Laundry! Nice. (C sits back down.)

Z: You look amazing by the way!

C: Thank you! I tried, I really did! You don’t look so bad yourself.

Z (At the same time as C): How was your day?

C (At the same time as Z): What’s your astrological Sign? It was great thank you. I’m a Sagittarius, with a moon in Leo, a rising in Gemini, a mars in Libra, a Venus in Sagittarius.

Z: Wow….That was…. a lot.

C: Would you like to know more about our Lord and Saviour: Astrology?

Z: No, thank you....

C: That’s totally cool. (reaches in their bag and hands Z a horizontal pamphlet.) Here’s an annotated pamphlet in case you get curious. It’s a horizontal pamphlet, we wanted to be different.

Z: Thank you....(takes it) I’ll read that later….(gets rid of it in some interesting way)

C: So, tell me more about you.

Z: Oh wow…what can I say about myself… well, not to brag but this morning I won a gold medal. I don’t know if you know this but I’m a 3 time Olympic gold medalist. When I was born my parents knew I was destined for greatness. I came out of the womb with so much knowledge and talents already, they even considered giving me away to scientists for research. But then they remembered they love me so much even though they had just met me. So they kept me. Once we got out of the hospital they immediately put my knowledge and talents to the test. I forgot to mention this but I walked out of the hospital after my birth. I was already able to, don’t ask me how. I don’t know, I’m just a genius. I was born this way. Anyways, the day after the day I walked out of the hospital after birth, my parents started entering me in all sorts of extracurricular activities. You name it, I’ve tried it all. Soccer, basketball, polo, fencing, playing instruments, many of the arts….but the one activity I fell in love with is gymnastics. I love gymnastics. Doing all that stuff with the body, on a mat, or in the air, it fires me up you know?

C: I know what-

Z: No I don’t think you can know what I mean. You’d have to be a talented 3 time Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics to understand.

C: Well actually-

Z: Would you like to know what my favourite stunt is? It’s the cartwheel. A classic. There’s a certain feeling of freedom you feel when you throw your legs in the air like that and then your head is upside down and you see the world differently. I think it’s a metaphor for life but I haven’t figured it out yet. I do have this theory however-

C: woah woah woah!

Z: What?

C: Is this a date or a TedTalk?

Z: A date.

Text by Oprah Lemorin, post in collaboration with Lila Ciesielski


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