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About Soliloquies

Soliloquies is a student-run literary journal published bi-annually out of Concordia University in Montreal. We accept poetry, prose, and creative non-fiction submissions from 'Canadian' writers and artists.

Each year, we publish two issues in print. Our mission is two-tiered. We aim to provide the student body with valuable publishing, editing and design experience, while showcasing new voices that you might not otherwise encounter alongside more seasoned writers. Soliloquies places an emphasis on artistic freedom.

In the past, we have published many writers who transcend literary boundaries while maintaining an appreciation for a rich literary tradition. It is our belief that no piece of art is implacable and we try to foster an atmosphere of individual creativity. We are looking for strong, unique voices that come together in a dialogue that represents the talented group of emerging writers in Montreal and elsewhere.

The journal was established in 1997 as part of Concordia’s Art Matters Festival. Since then, we have spread our wings by publishing more broadly and more frequently while maintaining an all-Concordia editorial committee.

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