The Team


Clare Chodos-Irvine is originally from Seattle, Washington. She almost won an award once when she was sixteen, and she still won't shut up about it. She currently studies English Literature and Creative Writing at Concordia. She was previously the Managing Editor for Soliloquies Anthology, and is excited to continue to be a part of a publication that is not only integral to the creative community in Montreal, but one that gives emerging writers worldwide the opportunity to have their work printed. She promises she's a lot nicer than this photo makes her look. 

Abigail Candelora is in her final year English Lit and Creative Writing at Concordia. Previously a prose editor for the anthology, she is thrilled to be sharing Editor-in-Chief duties this year with the wonderful Clare. She hopes the anthology continues to be a place of joy and creativity for all involved, and can’t wait until all can gather and celebrate a launch once more.


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Olivia Cailliarec is in her fourth and final year at Concordia studying English Literature. Previously a Prose Editor for Soliloquies Anthology, she is looking forward to taking on the job of Managing Editor this year! She holds a deep love for organizing lists and spreadsheets and is excited to have an excuse to show them to people. Olivia is grateful her final year involves a publication that serves as a creative space for not only the Soliloquies staff, but the Montreal and global literary community as well. 

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Sarah Lotfi is a V*rgo and Dr. Seuss live-action film scholar. Her work has been featured or is forthcoming in The Veg, Yolk Literary online, and The Nasiona. Follow her @missdaintysarah.

Paola B. López Sauri is a student of English and Creative Writing at Concordia University. Her work has previously appeared in Dawson’s English Journal, Graphite Publications, and other cool places. She is very excited to join Soliloquies Anthology as a prose editor and help put together an issue that readers will enjoy. She can generally be found at home, doing anything but writing.

Sophie Villeneuve is in her second year studying English Literature and Creative Writing at Concordia. She writes poetry and prose, and is very excited to be kicking off the school year as a Poetry Editor for Soliloquies Anthology. Her interests include Quebec literature, brewing tea at odd hours, and sunflowers. Poem published in yolk and short story forthcoming in Graphite Publications.

Constantina Gicopoulos is currently studying English Literature with a minor in professional writing at Concordia. She is proud to be part of a team that works hard to provide new opportunities for writers everywhere, and is excited to work closely with future creatives and authors. She has a knack for finishing other people's sentences despite the inability to do the same for herself. 

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Lila Ciesielski is currently in her fourth year in the Acting for the Theatre program at Concordia. She’s been writing bizarre stories and random lyrics for as long as she can remember. Her favourite part of writing is the learning journey that comes with it. The only writing teams she’s ever been a part of have been for playwriting, but she’s looking forward to trying something new and is very, very excited to be joining Soliloquies as a Web Content Creator.


Lucy Farcnik is in her first year of English Literature and Creative Writing at Concordia. She is an enthusiastic reader and writer, and she can’t wait to see, head and read all of the different voices that contribute to Soliloquies. She hopes that everyone gets a place to be creative this year after watching the entirety of Netflix for six months like she has. Also, she would like everyone to be aware that the llamas name is Winston, and he bit her after this photo.

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Swan Yue is a third year Creative writing undergrad at Concordia University, who loves to write surreal narratives. Being an avid lover of all things related to games, they believe that stories can be found anywhere and everywhere, and they are concentrated on finding them wherever they are. 


Jonathan Stern is a designer, illustrator and theatre creator from Waterloo, Ontario. He is currently in his final year of Concordia's Design for the Theatre program, specializing in prop construction, costume design and urban scenographies. He has previously studied and worked with Bread and Puppet Theatre as well as Teaterøen Theatre Island in Copenhagen. As a new member of the Soliloquies team, Jonathan is excited to bring a new visual style to this publication and make 2020 a year to remember!

More of his work can be found at 

Brooklyn Melnyk is a fourth year student in the Theatre Department at Concordia studying Performance Creation. She is an avid lover of photography and comedy, both seeming to find their way into her writing. Brooklyn is very excited to be doing social media for Soliloquies this year, and getting to share everyone's work with as many people as possible.

Lily Olivas is currently studying English Literature at Concordia University. She grew up in la frontera Juárez-El Paso where she attended the University of Texas at El Paso, and graduated as a Sociologist. This is her second year as a Web Content Creator for Soliloquies Anthology. A writing subject that interests her is the convergence of technology, science and everyday life. Lily is looking forward to less challenging times in which street comings and goings overshadow Zoom experiences.

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Corinna Carabetta is currently in her final year at Concordia, majoring in English Literature with a Minor in Professional Writing. She has always had a deep love for literature and the editing process and is thrilled to be a part of the Soliloquies team as a Prose Editor. There are so many talented, aspiring writers that deserve an opportunity to be showcased and she is grateful that this position will help her be a part of that incredible experience!

Ian Taylor is a writer, editor, and aspiring competitive Super Smash Bros player based out of Montreal, Quebec. Originally from the Ottawa, Ontario area, he moved East in 2018 to study creative and professional writing at Concordia University, where he is currently in his third year.

Ian has published twice, in the Trinity College Review and Soliloquies (go figure!), and his story, The Premier Surfaces, Gasping for Air, was a finalist for the Irving Layton Award for Fiction in 2019.

Outside of his work, Ian’s interests include lame fashion, dark beers, and watching anime with his girlfriend. He’s excited to be on board with Soliloquies for 2020/2021!

Cecilia Mueller-Judson was born in Montreal in 1998, entering this life with a dream to write and a will to edit. She read for the first time at 3 minutes old, remarking that her wristband contained a typo, wrongfully labeling her “Cecil” Mueller-Judson. This mistake would go on to plague her throughout her formative years. Her own poetry can be found on her iPhone notes composed erratically at 3 in the morning. This is her second year editing Soliloquies and she loves the literary community that she has found. She is also a Writing Assistant at the Concordia Student Success Center. Cecilia has just graduated with a B.A. in English Literature and is currently pursuing a graduate diploma in Communications Studies.

Márcia Ramos was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro and moved to Montreal in September 2017 to pursue a masters degree in Nutrition. She decided to quit halfway through the program and follow her dream of being a writer. She is now in her last semester of Honours English Literature and is thrilled to be a part of the Soliloquies family for another year.