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The Team


Maze Laverty (he/him) is a trans writer based in Tiohtià:ke/Montréal whose work explores queer tangents of the folkloric, supernatural, horrific, celestial, and mysterious.  Maze's work has been featured in The Void Magazine, Soliloquies, Labyrinth Anthology, and ESC: the Waiting Room. Maze is more than enthused to act as Co-Editor in Chief for Soliloquies in the coming academic year. He is especially eager to meet new writers in the community and to help Concordia students from all disciplines showcase their talents through this venue.

Jade Palmer (she/her) is pursuing a BA Honours in English and Creative Writing and a Minor in Sexuality Studies at Concordia in Tiohtià:ke/Montréal. Finding the intersection between these fields through narrative horror poetry is her main academic goal. When she is not serving CASE as the creative writing member-at-large, you can find her sipping whiskey cocktails that are way out of her price range. In the wise words of past co-editor in chief, Paola B. López Sauri, she wishes to publish anthologies of which we can all be proud.

Social Media Manager

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Mira Safieddine (she/her) is currently completing her undergraduate degree in Communication and Cultural Studies with a minor in English Literature at Concordia in Tiohtià:ke/Montréal. She wants to pursue an academic career in intermedial studies with a focus on children’s literature and media. In her free time, you can often find her crying about her inability to picture images when she reads. Born and raised in Lebanon, Mira is committed to creating a diverse literary community and helping people express themselves and their stories through artistic spaces.

Managing Editor

Jacqueline Robins (she/her) is a Tiohtià:ke/Montréal-based content writer pursuing her BA Specialization in English Literature at Concordia. Her studies are driven by a passion for understanding how literature and storytelling explore the human condition across different cultural and historical perspectives. She also firmly believes that the best way to find yourself is by getting lost in a good book. As Managing Editor for Soliloquies, she is honoured to be a part of the creative process for talented writers across the Concordia student body. 

Prose Editors

Ann Krystel Désirée Michel is a writer and aspiring screenwriter and editor based in Montreal. She’s currently finishing her minor in creative writing at Concordia University where, in 2021, she completed a major in journalism. Essays as well as articles and fiction pieces of hers have been published in online publications such as Killerandasweetthang, By Messy and The Link. When she’s not writing or working, you can find her gazing adoringly at her collection of Joan Didion books. At all times, she’s telling someone about the “Didion” tattoo on her arm.

Binh An Nguyen Cuu is an English Literature and Creative Writing student at Concordia University who loves to talk about her writing just as much as she enjoys listening to others discuss theirs. Her stories are usually pulled from silences at the kitchen table, love languages and ever so haunting questions about ghosts. One of her short stories appears in Soliloquies 26.2 and she is thrilled to further contribute to the anthology as a prose editor for this upcoming year.

Sabrina Papandrea is an Honors English and Creative Writing student here at Concordia and is beginning her second year on the Soliloquies team (well, would you look at that!). An avid reader and short-story writer, her latest work can be found in an anthology of experimental fiction published by Proper Tales Press. Sabrina herself can usually be found lurking around dark corners on the 6th floor of the library building. She can also say the alphabet backwards and thinks that's fairly impressive if she does say so herself. 

Vic Coady (they/them) is in their final year of a Creative Writing BA at Concordia University. They are a prose fiction writer who gravitates towards magical realism and painfully “with-the-now” literary fiction. They’ve never been published but boy wouldn’t that be nice. If you see them meandering around Tiohià:ke/Montréal, do not hesitate to ask for a smoke. They are looking forward to working hands on with any new writers that flock to Soliloquies this year.

Poetry Editors

A. M. Diduck is a Tiohti:áke (Montreal) based poet, currently studying English and Creative writing at Concordia University. His work focuses primarily around themes of identity, art, performance, and intersectionality. Currently working at Vallum, he has also read at Yolk Literary, and you can find previously published work in Soliloquies Anthology and New Note Poetry. 

Zoe Marner is a performer, playwright and student. She studies creative writing and theatre at Concordia University. Her plays Book Club (2021) and When you grow up, you’ll remember (2022) explore the truth about the feminine emotional experience. Zoe spends most of her time working in the DoS office at Concordia, listening to podcasts and pole dancing. Last year, she guided students at Concordia in their exploration of performance art as the president of the ACT club. She looks forward to exploring the convergence between poetry and playwriting.

Sabyah Seyam (she/her) is a Palestinian writer born and currently based in Tiohtià:ke/Montréal. She is pursuing a BA in Creative Writing at Concordia. Her work primarily explores gender dynamics, her ethnic identity, the body, and childhood. She particularly loves horror stories, fairy-tales by the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen, and Studio Ghibli movies. As a member of Soliloquies’s masthead, she hopes to give voice to a new generation of boundary-breaking writers who value artistic authenticity.

Ennie Gloom (she/her) is a writer and a Scorpio living in Tiohtià:ke (Montreal). By day, she is completing her fourth year as an Honours English Literature and Creative Writing Major with a Minor in Interdisciplinary Studies in Sexuality. By dawn, she is inspired to write short stories and poetry exploring girlhood and human connection through a surrealist lens. By 9:30PM, she is asleep.

Web Content Creators

Lucy Farcnik (she/her) is in her third year of Public History and Creative Writing at Concordia. She grew up in Port Sydney, Ontario, whose town sign says "home of 800 nice families, and 1 old grouch." Lucy likes to think they were talking about her. This is her third year at Soliloquies, and she is looking forward to new topics, new writers, and new things to learn! She is an enthusiastic reader and writer, and is also an enthusiastic editor (she desperately wants to add all the missing commas to your thesis).

Alessia Bellizzi (she/her) is a current student at Concordia University located in Montreal. She is pursuing a BA in English Literature with a minor in education. When she’s not reading the latest popular romance novels, you can find her cuddling with her cat pepper and watching reruns of Parks and Recreation.

Yael (yah-elle) Tobón Uribe (she/her) is a Mexican, queer writer, based in Tiohtià:ke/Montreal. She is in her first year at Concordia pursuing a BA in Creative Writing hoping to add a Women’s Studies as a minor at some point. A couple of years ago she wrote on her journal “escribo porque amo las emociones” that in English is “I write because I love emotions”. These few words express Yael’s premise when it comes to her written work which features complex themes that go from psychology, philosophy to magical realism and romance.

Santiago Eastman is a Colombian-American transplant turned Canadian who is currently working on a double major in Creative Writing and English Literature at Concordia University. An engineer and writer at heart, he enjoys finding out how things work and then arguing about it with his friends. Stories about identity struggles, think pieces about what it means to be human, and loveable, eccentric characters in general are where his current interests lay. Above all, he hopes to make a difference and continue growing as an author and as an individual with this anthology.

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