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Anabelle Zaluski grew up in Toronto and moved to Montreal to pursue an honours degree in English and Creative Writing at Concordia. She finds strength in fiction and playwriting but enjoys all forms of art, and aims to explore the world both literally and through her work. She hates cilantro and loves tiny versions of normal things. Last year, she served as a Prose Editor on the Soliloquies team, and she is excited to step up as Editor-in-Chief this season!

Managing Editor

Clare Chodos-Irvine is currently at Concordia studying English Literature, Creative Writing and History. She was published in Soliloquies Anthology in the Spring of 2019, and is thrilled to be a part of a publication that is not only integral to the creative community in Montreal, but one that gives emerging writers worldwide the opportunity to have their work printed. She is also thrilled to be the managing editor for Soliloquies Anthology because she loves her bullet journal and telling people what to do. 

Social Media Editor

Nina Molto is a Visual Arts and English Literature student at Concordia. She grew up in France and came to Montreal in order to continue her studies. Her artistic practice now includes drawing, watercolour and print medias. She's interested in combining text, poetry, and visual images through different shapes and mediums (graphic novel, illustrations of stories, etc). She curated an exhibition called Look What You Made Me Do in Concordia's student run festival Art Matters. Nina is serving double duty as both Editor-in-Chief and Artistic Director!

Megan Rivas is a born and raised Montrealer. Frequently seen with either a book in hand or drawing some sort of funny portrait of her loved ones, she is an avid music listener and Instagram addict. Amongst other things, writing, running and watching the great British baking show brings her comfort like a good fuzzy blanket in winter. Interested in many fields relating to the world of communications and journalism she is determined to make a career out of it.

Web Content Editors

Márcia Ramos was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro and moved to Montreal two years ago, eager to trade the sun and the beach for hot cocoas and snow. She gave up her career in Nutrition to pursue her dream of becoming a writer. She studies Honours English and Creative Writing at Concordia University with a focus on prose and poetry. Márcia has great interest in memoirs about mental illness and in contemporary retellings of fairytales.

Saul is finishing his last year of BA in English Literature and Philosophy at Concordia. He enjoys critical theory and science fiction. Apart from literature, he spends time practicing languages, listening to techno, and doing street photography. He is currently writing his first collection of short stories and poetry.

Lily Olivas is a Web Content Editor for Soliloquies. She studies English Literature at Concordia University and works as a communications consultant in Montreal. Born and raised on the El Paso / Juárez border, Lily finds great similarity between Quebec’s snowy winter landscape and Chihuahua’s desert dunes.

Prose Editors

Marco Buttice is a Montreal native with a strong Italian background. In addition to studying Honours English Literature and Professional Writing at Concordia, he can usually be found reading Jane Austen, binging a Netflix original series, hanging out with friends or eating a large plate of pasta, occasionally all at the same time. There is nothing Marco loves more than a good story, except for maybe his family and his dog. He wishes to further his studies and to become a scholar of 19th-century and Victorian literature.

Olivia Cailliarec is serving her first year on the Soliloquies staff as a Prose Editor and could not be more excited! She is a third year English Literature student with academic interests spanning 20th century American literature, and creative nonfiction. She also holds a deep love for editing and is hoping to learn about the editing and publishing industries more fully. Aside from academics, Olivia enjoys doing New York Time crosswords and spending excessive amounts of time in expensive coffee shops.

Abigail Candelora, originally from Georgetown, ON, is a Creative Writing and Professional Writing student at Concordia. She enjoys writing plays and non-fiction, and has had her writing featured in Hindwing Press. When she’s not writing (even though she probably should be), she’s watching dog videos or listening to Lana Del Rey’s new album.

Celia Caldwell is a Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal based writer. She is the Assistant Outreach Coordinator at Vallum Magazine. She was a finalist and winner of the Larry Neal Writing Awards in 2017 and the winner of the Pen/ Faulkner Essay Contest in 2015. Her work has appeared in Room 18 and The Daisy James.

Poetry Editors

Constantina Gicopoulos is in her second year at Concordia studying English Literature. With her love for reading and writing, it only makes sense that she joined the Soliloquies team as one of this year’s poetry editors. She is excited to be a part of such a hardworking group, as well as a magazine that is so deeply involved in the Montreal literary scene.

Abby Stewart hails from New Brunswick and is currently completing her honours degree in English Literature at Concordia University. She is passionate about connecting with others through a shared love of literature, and in her free time she can be found keeping track of life’s events in her journal. This is her second year on the Soliloquies team.

Hannah Tolman is from Vancouver Island, currently obtaining a BA Honours in English and Creative Writing with a minor in Religion at Concordia. Her literary and academic interests are in poetry and poetics, with a particular interest in eco-poetics, magic, religion and rurality. Her work has been published in Rag Queen Periodical, The Void Magazine, Midinette Journal and Reliquiae Journal. Her poem Boreal Gothic was shortlisted for the Irving Layton prize in poetry in 2018.

Cecilia Mueller-Judson was born in Montreal in 1998, entering this life with a dream to write and a will to edit. She read for the first time at 3 minutes old, remarking that the nurse’s pad had wrongly labeled her as “Cecil” Mueller-Judson. This mistake would go on to plague her throughout her formative years. Her own poetry can be found on her iPhone notes composed erratically at 3 in the morning or in her 1000+ half-used notebooks. Cecilia is currently finishing her undergrad in English Literature at Concordia University.

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