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The Team


Isabelle (she/her) is a writer and creative writing student going into her fourth year at Concordia University. She is passionate about writing and literature, and can often be found reading or writing short stories. In her free time, Isabelle likes to sing, write songs, and cook. She is excited to work with the other members of the masthead in the coming year to put out great new editions of the magazine.

Morgan Gordon (she/her) is a Tio:tia'ke/Montreal based writer pursuing a BA in creative writing with a minor in film studies at Concordia University. Her writing seeks to explore questions about identity, girlhood, the body, and what freaks other people out. When she isn't writing, you can catch her cuddling with her cat, Fat Bastard.

Social Media /Website Manager


Managing Editor

Prose Editors

Isabelle de León

Morgan Gordon


Saskia Wodarczak

Saskia (she/her) is a new transfer student to Concordia, pursuing a BA in English Literature. Most of her free time revolves around trying out new recipes (especially a good bowl of pasta), going for long walks to explore, and reading in a café with a London Fog. Aspiring to work in editing and publishing, she gets involved with as many publications, like Soliloquies, as she can, and is without a doubt the friend that will unintentionally edit your essay


Graphic Designer


Micaela Day

Micaela (she/her) is an English Literature major  going into her second year of studies. She is driven by an insatiable passion for literary works of all forms, and genuinely loves writing literary analysis essays. Outside her academic life, she spends time exploring the intricacies of Queer identity with her works of poetry and prose—often voicing her experiences through surrealist and/or magical realist themes. She loves collecting CDs, is always keen to talk about The Muppet Show, and is constantly getting new tattoos. She is ecstatic to be collaborating on this year’s anthology and can’t wait to see the final result!

Olivia Murphy-Major

Olivia Murphy-Major is entering her fourth year at Concordia in the honours stream for English and Creative Writing, with a minor in professional writing. She grew up in Texas and Vermont, and now lives in Montreal. She enjoys writing short stories, and her love for people, nature and connection pervade her work. Olivia is published in pixie magazine, where she worked as a staff writer for the 2022-2023 edition. She is thrilled to begin her work with Soliloquies alongside passionate writers. In her free time, she loves bouldering, scouring the plateau for cute cats, and sitting back to enjoy a cup of joe.

Chloe Lefebvre Photo.jpg

Chloe Lefebvre

Chloe Lefebvre (she/they) is a writer and self-professed bibliophile pursuing a BA in English Literature and a minor in Linguistics. Most of their writing takes the form of short prose-fiction and they tend to take an interest in unlikeable and/or unreliable narrators. She can usually be found drinking matcha and talking to everyone about the book that she has been thinking about writing since she was twelve. She insists that there is a Word document, but rumour has it that it is empty.


Toby Walma

Toby Walma is entering his third year at Concordia University in the Honours English & Creative Writing program. He writes in a variety of genres, from spec fic to literary realism, with a particular eye towards subjects such as gender identity and neurodiversity. Beyond writing, he's passionate about Shakespeare, stand-up comedy, and theatre.

Erin Staley_Soliloquies.JPG

Erin Staley

Erin Staley is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Creative Writing with a minor in Classic Languages and Literature at Concordia University. Her poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction pieces have previously been published in Crab Apple Literary, Thirteen Bridges Review, and Soliloquies 26.2. Her work focuses primarily on identity, mental illness, and women going completely crazy. When she’s not reading or writing, she can be found plucking away at her ukulele or out looking for frogs. As a prose editor, she looks forward to helping to amplify the voices of writers who have something important to say.

Poetry Editors

Kyra Pedro-Czako

Kyra Pedro-Czako is a Tiohtià:ke/Montreal based writer in Honours English Literature and Creative Writing here at Concordia, with a minor in Women's Studies. Her poetry has been published in Soliloquies Anthology and pixie literary magazine, and she serves as an English editor for Yiara Magazine. An avid dreamer and reader, she enjoys writing poems and short stories about girlhood & femininity, friendship and the moon. She is usually found wandering about somewhere, visibly lost.


Maia Becerra

Maia R. Becerra is a third year Honours English and Creative Writing student at Concordia. Their work has been featured in various art zines and small publications, as well as local newspapers in their hometown, Puebla. Maia is a passionate reader and writer who loves haunting and gut-wrenching poetry. 


Yael Tobon

Yael Tobón (she/they) is a Mexican writer and poet currently based in Tiohtià:ke. Initially admitted into med school, Yael is now pursuing an Honours program in English and Creative Writing, with a double minor in Interdisciplinary Studies in Sexuality and Liberal Arts. Their writing encompasses themes of social justice, the body, the mundane, sapphic love, and their cultural background. Yael's work has been featured in issue 1.2 of pixie literary magazine and issue 11 of QT Literary Magazine. You can often find them at a charming local coffee shop, immersed in Rosario Castellanos' writings, enjoying K-pop music, or mindfully exploring Pinterest.


Zoe Marner

Zoe Marner loves talking and being on stage. She’s a creative writing and theatre student at Concordia. Zoe works in the DoS office to support her peers and build community. Her writing and audio archives focus on the confessional. 

Web Content Creators

Managing Web Content Creator


Santiago Eastman

Santiago Eastman is a Colombian ex-DREAMer who is now (happily) working on his Canadian citizenship. He's currently finishing a double major in English Literature and Creative Writing at Concordia after his stint in Mechanical Engineering turned out sour. In terms of literature, he's most interested in what makes people tick: class and racial inequalities, different experiences in the LGBTQ+ community, and the crunchy bits that appear when they all mix.


Jayde Lazier

Jayde Lazier (she/her) is a second year English literature student from Toronto. She loves writing a mix of poetry and journalism pieces and hopes to incorporate aspects of both into her writing for soliloquies this year!  She has worked as an editor of performance programs for the School of Toronto Dance Theatre and is excited to start as a writing assistant this year at Concordia


Kat Mulligan

Kat Mulligan is a writer hailing from Richmond, Virginia and a third year student in Concordia French studies. She has been published in Soliloquies, orangepeel, and others, and looks forward to exploring the publication world and growing as a writer. In her free time, she enjoys learning languages, reading the Eastern European canon, thinking about baked brie and never actually making it, and insisting on interrupting the indoor function to go frolic.


Louise van Oel

Louise van Oel (rhymes with "pool") is a published writer and Concordia student pursuing a Joint Specialization in English and History. She is Dutch, Swedish, and Canadian, born and raised in Brussels, Belgium. She'll gladly buy you a coffee if you'll listen to her monologue about ancient history and/or Old English literature, and can enthusiastically provide you with more fantasy and historical fiction book recommendations than you'd ever need (or even want). As a writer, she aspires to embody the intersection of Neil Gaiman, Natasha Pulley, and V. E. Schwab.

Christina Paraskevas

Christina Paraskevas is beginning her second year in BA Communication Studies at Concordia University. With a love for reading, Christina is also pursuing a minor in English Literature. She is passionate about digital art and in her free time she enjoys making digital collages, finding creative liberty in the juxtaposition of images.

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